DIFC wills are extremely beneficial for the non Muslim expats as it lets them distribute their Ajman offshore company formation property, assets, finances and businesses to beneficiaries which protects their interests and allows them to draft a will which will enable them to control their distribution etc. Wills should be draft under professional’s supervision so that it meets all the requirements of DIFC wills. To find out benefits, keep on reading.

  • The registration of property will is a very user friendly process which enables you to quickly register for wills and ensure quick results in the process of signing off and execution of the will when the testator passes away.
  • The best part about these wills is that they can also be opted by those non Muslims who are not the residents of UAE. But because the whole idea of will revolves around having assets and business property in the region, this is why it is necessary that moveable or immoveable assets to present there. Minor children residing in the states can also work.
  • You don’t have to be bound or limited to a certain number of properties as the DIFC will gives you an open platform to include as many assets as you want and distribute it accordingly in the UAE or even overseas.
  • The governing bodies have also made this all task easy by restricting estate tax which was imposed on assets divided between executors and beneficiaries as per will.
  • New and latest probation has been released which states that individuals are allowed to include moveable and immoveable assets which can be located within or outside the region. The same is for appointing the distributors, they don’t have to specifically be from the UAE in order to execute the will.

The basic idea of this will is to draft and explain the distribution of property to the mentioned beneficiaries. There are no limitations to the number of properties which you can add and the location too as long as you have one connecting medium to the region. To avoid errors and omission and for perfect outlining of the will you should consider a professional’s help. Including a lawyer in such cases is a great idea to move forth with it because they can help you with drafting the will and perfecting it out for no further inconvenience.