Vaping is the new way of smoking and it is wanted by all kinds of generations. There are many advantages of vaping over cigarette and the first one is that it doesn’t have a bad and strong odor like the traditional cigarette. When you sit by a person who smokes cigarettes, he/she will have to apply perfumes or eat mint gums to get the stink off. But when one vapes, they use different kind of flavors of fruits and they never have to apply perfume or eat any kind of gum because they already be smelling really nice. There is a lot of variety of flavors in a vape that you can buy and you can also mix any kind of flavors to make a new fusion.

You can also take control of your nicotine in-take. Because when you go to the store for buying the liquid or you can say flavor, you can actually buy different types of flavors which are of less and more nicotine. For example, you go and buy a flavor of blueberry which has 45 percent of nicotine and in that same row you will find a blueberry flavor which will have 80 percent of nicotine. In this way, you will be in control of the nicotine and enjoy smoking at the same time. Another benefit is that when you inhale less and smoke more clouds of it. In this way, the smoking desire is fulfilled and you don’t have to inhale a lot.

When you smoke a cigarette, you get desire of smoking that consistently for long period of time because you have to finish the cigarette or else it will be wasted. But with a vape, anyone can smoke any time without doing it consistently and, in this way, again, your nicotine in-take is controlled. All you have to do is turn it on why smoking and turn it off when you don’t need to smoke. Also, you won’t have to worry about finishing it all up even if you don’t feel like smoking. Smoking cigarettes require experience or else you can have a soar throat but vaping doesn’t require any kind of experience. But if you want a safe vape with some good instructions, visit Smok pods in Dubai or try out vaporesso in Dubai.