In Islam it is mandatory for a Muslim woman to cover up her body properly in front of any unknown men. For this purpose abaya is the best option. The women wearing such dress seem to be quite modest and faithful. On the other hand wearing abaya possess several other advantages also like the wearer feel comfortable while walking in a public place as their body is covered properly. It is easy to wear no matter what you are wearing inside. In UAE most of the Muslim women wear abaya in public places. There are a number of best abaya outlets which offers a wide variety of different styles so you can easily buy abaya Dubai as according to your choice and convenience. This article is all about different styles of abaya and their advantages so if you are looking for the best suitable one as according to your work routine then read this complete article to find more info.

The abaya cardigan

This is one of the most trending styles of abaya. It is best for young girls who just want to cover their selves properly and follow the fashion trend as well like in universities or colleges. Secondly you can use a belt or slash to give it a more fashionable look. This style is not specific for occasions as you can flaunt it on any occasion. Secondly you can wear your desired clothes inside as the front is open.

The closed abaya

Another simple and elegant style of abaya is the one which is closed from the front side. This offers a great advantage for the wearer as she does not have to open or close buttons every time. All you have to do is to slip the abaya on your body no matter what you are wearing inside and that’s all, you are ready to go. You can flaunt this style on every occasion.

The open button abaya

This style of abaya is opened from the front side. You can use different unique buttons to enhance its look. This style is preferred because in closed abaya your walking may be restricted as it is completely closed till the ground. But in open button abaya you will not face any walking hindrance because of its front opening. Secondly it is the best option for breast feeding women and you can flaunt it in any occasion.