When we talk about the best attar in Dubai then we came across many different types of attar that can be bought to use. They are used as the alternatives of perfumes which has alcoholic base and people who do not like to use alcoholic base can use attar and it serves the same purpose. Attar has a stronger and sharper scent as compared to the perfumes that is why they are used in smaller quantity like in drops in spite of using as a spray. When they are used in drops of stronger scent then they will remain there for longer time while sprayed perfumes will go along for less time like few hours. They are used on the body or clothes and for the freshness of rooms or cars people should try out air fresheners which are introduced by the air freshener manufacturers in UAE. These air fresheners are available in different scents and types so you can get according to your choice. Following are some types of air fresheners to choose:

Air purifying: These are the air fresheners that will help in purifying your room air, most of the times these are used in the cars because people when sit there or eat in their cars then there will be an annoying smell emerged over time so they are quite helpful in killing the bacteria an purifying the air which in turn makes the place odor free. They are available in different scents like rose, tea tree and peppermint. They are usually a bit expensive but because of their strong scent you need only one small spray.

Air and fabric freshener: These are the sprays which can be used not only for the rooms but also for the fabrics to make them feel fresh. They will also help in killing the bacteria and germs at the place. People, who are suffering from some kind of disease like skin problems, should use these sprays on their clothes when they wash them so that they will be germ free. They are also available in variety of different scents but the most famous is the lavender. They can be used around kids too which is not possible in some other types of sprays due to the intensity of their ingredients. People who have pets at their home can also use them as disinfectant.