If you are always hungry and are fond of food every time you see something that is yummier than it looks, tastier than your taste buds want, and more delicious than you imagine it then you are no better than Joey Tribbiani from the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Yes, you read that right, Joey was a character who had sarcasm, who dared to make fun, and who was always hungry, this much hungry that he could have eaten anything that comes into his way. You can own a cake shop in Dubai.

However, Joey was fond of cakes and once he ate which had meat and was like “GOOOOD!” only because he liked it that much and he ate almost half of it. You can look on Google and search for birthday cake near me.

Hence, if you think you are Joey Tribbiani and you are fond of cake, you are at the right place because I am here for you and I am going to tell you about some of the extraordinary and amazing facts regarding the term cake. 

Cakes are one such thing that makes us feel to want more whenever we think about it, the first thing that urges us is our mouth that gets watery every time we wonder how a cake tastes like.

However, cakes can be different in sizes, tastes, and even can have different terms in the making as there are different classes of cakes that we may never get to know about every class of cakes.

However, if we cannot learn about every kind of class of cakes, we can learn about the mouth-watering facts of the cakes, and these facts are; if you ever wonder that is there a day when we can celebrate the Cake Day, well there is one, 26th November is National Cake Day when every person who is fond of cake celebrates the cake-versary. One of the most loved cakes which were the Red Velvet Cake is an act of revenge. A woman ate the Red Velvet Cake at a restaurant and was fond of it, asked the restaurant for its recipe and in return, they charged her for 100 dollars and she was furious about it, and after getting the access to the recipe, she made it public.

The first birthday cake came into existence 300 years ago, precisely in 1785 as an offering to a person’s birthday, that was the first time when the term ‘birthday cake’ was used.