Salsa is one of the most famous type of dances among other types. Many people crave to learn it and there are couple who perform it in parties and gatherings perfectly. There are many facts about it which might develop your interest in it and force you to attend few of salsa dance classes in Dubai. Some of them are: 

  1. Bruce Lee knew Latin Dance. He won Cha Cha Championship when he was 18 Yeats old in Hong Kong. 
  2. American soldiers came to know about Salsa in 1898 during Cuban War. They were the first people among the citizens of US to know about it. 
  3. Salsa Came out of Cuba were the first recordings of radio in 1909. 
  4. Salsa was performed in El Casino Deportivo for the first time. There is dance style in salsa which is called as Casino. Its name is served from the name of the club where the dance was performed firstly. 
  5. Fania Records was a small music studio that made changes in Cuban music to make it suitable for the citizens of New York in 1960s. That changed Cuban music was called as Salsa by the records.
  6. The citizens of Middle East are fan of Cuban Salsa.
  7. “Dance with Me” was the first movie that showed Cuban Salsa and then the dance became famous in USA. 
  8. The costumes of Salsa are made of dark colors to hide stains of deodorants and sweat. The costumes are decorated with sequences so that they would be brightened enough to hide all negative points.
  9. In salsa, lady is the heroine of the show. That’s why the costume of male dancer should not match with her.
  10. Latin music was made popular by Elvis Presley, Johnny Otis, Sam Cookie, The Diamonds and other American singer by adding some elements of Cuban music in their famous songs and albums. 
  11. The Bachata was recorded in 1961 for the first time.
  12. The slowest Latin dance is Bolero and Rumba is faster Latin Dance. 
  13. Everyone wanted to master in Tango virtually around the world in 1913.
  14. Tango was originated in 20th century or 1900s in Bornes Aires’ brothels where women used to perform it as prostitutes. 
  15. Kizomba was the mixture of Zouk music of France and Semba. It was originated in 1989 in Angola.

So, these are top 15 facts about salsa that might help you to know about this type of dance more in an interesting way. There are many salsa classes in Dubai, America and other parts of world which you can attend and master in it!