English language might have the longest list of facts and one of many facts that there is a sentence that contains every alphabet and that sentence is the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Now, if you pay attention and note down all the alphabets of each of the letter and start finding alphabets, it is sure shot that you will find all alphabets from A to Z. There are different words who have different history and one of those words is Lynch which is also used a surname. And its history is that a colonel named Charles Lynch was a land owner in Virginia, he began holding illegal trials in his own land of the people around him and this happened from 1736 to 1796. And it is a small joke that anyone who has a surname lynch is connected with that guy or has roots with that guy one way or the other. You can get IELTS courses in Dubai Deira.

There are almost different kinds of words that have different forms but there is a word that never changed unlike others and it doesn’t have any other kind of form or type and that word is ‘I’. Kids now a days derive a lot of words and a lot of words that are associated with diseases or mental illness but there is a dead word which means oyesterhood and it means reclusiveness which means a person who loves staying at home and, in the latest language, we call it introverts and its opposite is extrovert which means the person who doesn’t like to stay at home. Visit the website here for more facts. 

English is a language that is official for all over the world which means that no matter what country you are from, you will need to learn English to travel to different countries and there are different countries who don’t allow people to enter their country unless they know how to speak English. Even though it is very famous in the whole world but still it is on the third number of the most spoken language because on the first, the most spoken language is Chinese and the second is Spanish. The most interesting thing is that when you start writing down one, two, three counting, you won’t be adding B in any of the numbers until you hit billion.