The world is changing, this is a fact, the world is becoming a global village, this is a fact, and the world is becoming like this due to technological advancements, this is also a fact.

Many facts circulate because of the reasons for the change in it and the extraordinary factor of what we are becoming instead of what we were in the first place. All of this is because the world is embracing a remarkable change and that is why we can see that we are more intrigued by social media, entertainment media, and information media.

Although social and information media is a lot more similar but, the entertainment media is different from both of them as they are capable of feeding the people with much factual knowledge and also some rumors that are not true, however, the entertainment media only exist for our need and the need is to stay healthy and positive. You can get augmented reality apps for education.

However, the chance to stay healthy and positive is going under the shelves and that is because of social media and information media as it is becoming more popular than it was in the early days, thanks to the change in the world. You can get best apps of virtual reality in Dubai.

Therefore, the virtual reality is the one main reason that is making us stick to the world of entertainment as we can see that there are many games and movies that we can enjoy and feel in the same way as our favorite characters do.

But, the question here is what is virtual reality and where does it come from? However, some amazing facts can help you see all the possible information about the world of virtual reality, and some of these facts are in the below section:

  1. Although VR headsets became popular with many VR games, thanks to Sony PlayStation but, the first VR headset was not made in 2018 as the origin goes back to 1960 as the first VR headset was made in 1960.
  2. We always consider that VR is all about entertainment and games but it is not as many medical observations and healthcare probabilities are going on around the world with the help of virtual reality.
  3. Ever wonder how it will look like if we get to see the same real world in the virtual reality? Well, Startup Varjo is trying to make it possible as they are developing a Bionic Display that can help us achieve this milestone.