The history of Toyota starts as early as 1933 and first it was named as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. It was developed for the production of cars. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda. Kiichiro Toyoda travelled to United Stated in 1930 to do research about the automation industry and he started his research about gasoline powered engines in that time. His idea was encouraged by the Japanese govt to start an industry and develop it that only focused on the production of domestic vehicles. And in 1934, the company made its first engine which was called the Type A Engine and it was used in Model A1 in a passenger car and it hit the road in May 1935 and the same engine was also installed in G1 truck in August 1935.

With this success the company next target was to make Model AA passenger car which they instantly launched it the next year in 1936. The modern vehicles still have the design resemblance with the earlier one, like the dodge power wagon and Chevrolet, their interchanging parts are still delivered in America. Even though Toyota is now a group of companies who has advanced in cars but they still want to make looming machines for textile business and they have made such machines which are computerized like electric sewing machines and these machines are available worldwide.

Toyota became an independent establishment in 1937 and it was then named as Toyota Motor Co. although the family name was still written in Kanji which was pronounced as Toyoda by the locals. But when the locals were introduced it as Toyota, it was also called Katakana which means Toyota in Kanji. You can get any Toyota car dealer in Dubai and you can also get different Dubai auto dealers.

This was called this because it has 8 strokes in their writing and in Eastern culture the name with 8 strokes is said to be the luckiest in all paths of life. During the World War II, this company was dedicated towards the production of trucks which were given to the Imperial Japanese Army. And these trucks were kept simple because there was no time for fancy and advanced stuff anyway. As simple as, the truck only had one headlight and one hood just to save time and make more trucks instead.