If you are creative mind and you want to be entrepreneur so you can easily start your business. You just need passion and consistency to run your business and you must know that businesses are run on the basis of hard work and consistency not only on the basis of money. You can start company of birthday gift delivery in Abu Dhabi. You can also start with it the company of helium balloons in Abu Dhabi. But if you are confused or you don’t know the pathway then you should read this article. Here is complete guide for you by which you can start your own company.

Make a business plan:

Before starting any sort of business you must make business plan that how you will start your company and how much investment you want to do in your company. You must put all of your plan on one page and you must consider risk factors associated with your business. It will be services based company so you should make plan that either you will purchase physical place or not. You should also get knowledge about marketing of company as businesses run on the basis of marketing.

Define your budget:

Then you should define your budget for your company. There will be different domains of your company such as marketing, delivery boys, purchasing of packaging materials. So you should make rough plan that how you will manage all of these expenses.

Choose name for your company:

Then you should choose name for your company because branding will be better and it will give you ease to run your company. You should also get logo for your company.

Purchase packaging material for your company:

Then you should purchase packaging material for your company. The packaging material that you will purchase must be of high quality and it must contain the name and logo of your company.

Hire delivery boys:

As you are going to start service based company and if you are providing only one service of delivery gifts then you will not need to purchase anything for your company. You will just need to hire delivery boys for your company and if you can not afford more delivery boys then you should hire only one or two and then you can increase gradually the number of your staff according to your business.

Do marketing:

Then you should do marketing of your company because without marketing you can never get customers for your company.