Bounce back physiotherapy sessions in Abu Dhabi are one of the simplest ways of healing back injuries. Keeping physiotherapy sessions aside, individuals need to work with the best psychiatrist in Abu Dhabi. Ideally both of these sessions should take place in a rehab centre. 

Benefits of bounce back therapies: This kind of a session is one of the most cost effective methods of healing the back since it requires a medicine ball. The ball comes in different sizes and weight. It depends on an individual’s tolerance for managing the weight and size of the ball. Using medicine balls are low impact exercises that are excellent for strengthening various part of the back. The rehab centre should have bundle of yoga mats as well for performing back exercises. One of the most common exercise physiotherapist make their clients do is to lie on top of the mat and hold the medicine ball with both hands in front of the head. The objective of this exercise is to work on the lower back while keeping the back flat and move the legs and arms upwards simultaneously, in this way the lower back gets a good workout. It is important to mention that such therapy sessions are meant for individuals with injured backs and they can only do such exercises after clearing a series of examinations conducted on the back. 

Purpose of working with a psychiatrist: People with back injuries might start self doubting whether they are able to regain functionality of their back. The job of a physiotherapist is to work on the physical aspect of the individual and that’s as far as he or she can go but someone has to keep pushing the individual to keep going. Psychiatrist can do a great job of making sure that the individual gets to enjoy the therapy sessions. Preferably the office of the psychiatrist should be nearby, in this manner the rehab centre has an organized system of managing its clients well being. It is normal for the individual to feel that he or she has lost confidence and self esteem post accident and this is what a psychiatrist can work on to get such individuals back on track in their respective lives. 

Visit a well known rehab centre: The Berlin Medical & Neurological Rehabilitation L.L.C is one of the best centers in Abu Dhabi that comprises a team of professional physiotherapists and psychiatrists.