Being an Emirati is a privilege and which means that you can travel anywhere in UAE without any questions asked. But if you are not and you want to travel just like on a budget then you must travel by road and you can actually do that by travelling via road. Road trips has always been exciting and it is more exciting when you are in UAE. Because you can always see tall buildings and beautiful landscapes made by man but if you want to look for natural things in UAE, then you must travel to Fujairah. Trust this when this article says that this trip will be one of a kind trips that you will always remember.

When you will be travelling road to Fujairah, you will see nothing but serenity f mountains and different stops which will have natural lakes. You must be wondering that there will very bad and bumpy roads but the fact is that you will experience a very smooth drive. There are many vloggers and YouTubers who have challenged by drinking tea on these roads without any spills. The distance from Dubai is 200 kilo meters and if you travel from Abu Dhabi you will have to travel for 300 kilo meters. But the drive and distance will be worth it. You must be thinking that there will be a lot of heat but that is the thing about mountains, they give natural chilly atmosphere and may be in the months of December, you will have to wear warm clothes.

Did you know that after many decades, UAE had snow fall? Yes, you read it right Jabal Jais had snow fall in 2019 December and it continued to fall till January 2020. This is the most amazing weather condition that was ever recorded. And people are saying that this is a miracle. And weather experts also say that next year this will happen again, if you missed it in these weathers then you can make a plan for next year. You can travel to Jabal Jais via car as well. The nights at Jabal Jais are the most majestic ones. Since UAE is among the safest countries in the world, you can even camp here and have the sky full of stars all to yourself.