What is Urban Planning?
planning can be defined as the branch of architecture that deals with the utilization of land to create public spaces and infrastructure of transportation, communication, and water system of the city or the community. 

The urban planners work with architects. They are tasked to make plans in the form of a 3d model and drawings to show how their desired design will look like after observing the city by focusing more on the physical aspects of the place. Urban planners consider social, economic and technological aspects when they are making plans for the urban area. They visit different sites like feasibility study consultants in Dubai to get some ideas.

Why there is a need for urban planning?
Urban planning is required to solve the problems of infrastructure and design the place in such a way that it would please the residents socially, psychologically, economically and technologically. Hence, every city needs the team of urban planners to provide environmental houses that would be affordable and sustainable, smooth roads and efficient water, communication and road systems. Urban planners have specialization in making plans and designs; therefore, there will be minimum mistakes in their plans. They work with architects and civil engineers to execute the plan. 

What are the problems in urban planning?
Like every professional, urban planners do face problems while making the plan due to infrastructure and human sociology. Some of them are:

1) Urban Sprawl: People migrate from highly populated places to less-populated areas that result in an increment in public expenditures and traffic which harms the environment. Urban planners have to create a plan and design that can provide more space for travelers to come and live there so that other aspects would not be affected after their entrance, negatively. 

2) Private ownership: Private ownerships make it difficult to plan the urban area effectively because it might have been in use as a factory or shop or home that share one wall with another home. Therefore, planners think to demolish such places and shift at another place because they create problems when designing road and communication systems or housing areas. 

3) Uniqueness: Every place has its unique environmental makeup and urban planners are required to create a plan that would not change that makeup completely or slightly. The plan should be according to the environmental makeup of the place. 

So, that’s what you should know about urban planning. Urban planning is not a new field. You can become an urban planner by doing a bachelor’ in urban planning from a reputable university.